Saturday, November 5, 2011

I may stick with Ubuntu after all.

My last post detailed my disappointment with Canonocles direction toward a tabletesque user interface, and concerns with the 3.x kernel. There were many comments, surprisingly, but I'm sure due to the publication of my story by Lx'er, thanks guys! I found many of the comments interesting and some helpful.

My favorite computer for daily use right now is my Commodore Vic Slim. Presently it's hard disk contains Ubuntu 10.10, with an external drive for beta testing Commodores OS. I can't talk about the Commodore OS yet due to the NDA I'm under, but I will produce a few first look videos as soon as it's released. I have a video overview of the Vic already posted here:

Lately I have been using the Xfce window manager, and like Linus himself decided, it may be my salvation for my collection of machines if I continue forward with Ubuntu. There's still the bugs with the new kernel, it won't suspend properly, the worrying reports of it killing the display on the model of netbook I own, etc. But Xfce looks to be a useful and fast GUI that still provides the functionality I prefer in a desktop.

I have Ubuntu 11.10 running in a VirtualBox VM and I'll be beating it up there for awhile, testing it's limitations and advantages. I already knew about the classic mode of gnome shell and had given it a go, but it still felt overly simplified and limited. That is the key problem I have with all of the tablet style interfaces that are emerging.

Sure, the simplified interfaces the big three are working out are easier for non-computer people to work with and make computers more accessible to the general consumer, and I recognize the advantage there for pushing tech into the public's hands. But I'm not those people, I'm an I.T. professional with twenty five years of experience in the computer field and the skills that come with it.

It's looking like Xfce will become my home for awhile, if or when I make the move to Ubuntu 11. Thanks for reading. And watch this space in the coming week or two for my first look at Commodores new OS.

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